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Tattoo Artist Johnny Anderson shot with Illford Delta Film

Personal Work

Johnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer CheatJohnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer Cheatandersonwork_bernadettemadden--4andersonwork_bernadettemadden--5Johnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer Cheatandersonwork_bernadettemadden--7Johnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer Cheatandersonwork_bernadettemadden--9andersonwork_bernadettemadden--10Johnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer Cheatandersonwork_bernadettemadden--12andersonwork_bernadettemadden--13andersonwork_bernadettemadden--14andersonwork_bernadettemadden--15andersonwork_bernadettemadden--16andersonwork_bernadettemadden--17andersonwork_bernadettemadden--18andersonwork_bernadettemadden--19andersonwork_bernadettemadden--21andersonwork_bernadettemadden--22Johnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer Cheatandersonwork_bernadettemadden-0320andersonwork_bernadettemadden-0323Johnny Anderson Tatoo Artist Yer Cheat

This project was perfect for trying out some expired Illford Delta 400 film.  I’ve been wanting to experiment pushing this expired film.  Johnny’s work was dark with florescent lighting.  Perfect lighting situation to test this out.  I was very pleased with the results.  The film lends a very documentary feel and it’s very moody.  I love the grain!

Johnny Anderson is founder and artist of Yer Cheat’n Heart Tattoo Parlor in Hermosa Beach.  He resides in Redondo Beach with his wife Melanie and his 5 kids.  All pictures shot with Illford Delta film pushed 2 stops, except for a couple shots with digital.